We move in one direction.
And that’s forward.

Sarah, in particular, and her team are very personable – some other organisations appear pretentious or arrogant, but TGA are down to earth, dynamic and Sarah ‘gets it’ – she listens. The areas in which TGA are particularly strong are: dynamism and personability and understanding of what was required.

Stephen Skinner,
former Chief Executive and Club Secretary,
The Farmers Club

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Jobs transform lives: Interview training clinches challenging role

Martin had been working in the marketing department of a small organisation for a number of years and was looking for a role that would take him to the next level. He had had a few interviews but felt that he did not perform to his best ability. At Thewlis Graham Associates we know that role play can be excellent preparation for what can be a daunting experience and so we invited Martin in for some interview training.

“The Thewlis Graham Associates pre-interview training gave me confidence that I took into the formal interview with me. I was given practical advice on things I should and shouldn’t say and they had researched the organisation and came up with ideas on areas I hadn’t thought about. This encouraged me to do more research. I was really pleased to be offered the job and given the opportunity to expand my horizons and develop my skills.”

Martin is rising to the challenge of his new role.


Jobs transform lives: Interview coaching restores confidence

Theresa had been made redundant from a senior role and in spite of her excellent track record and marketable skills was experiencing a lack of confidence. She had had a couple of interviews and knew that she had not presented herself to her best advantage and feedback from an interview supported this. Thewlis Graham Associates offered Theresa some interview practice which coincided with an interview.

“The most useful service I received was interview practice. We role played the interview a couple of hours before the actual interview. Having to give my responses to questions out loud in the role play had a number of benefits. Firstly, it really made me think about what I was saying and gave me an opportunity to rephrase things that didn’t come out quite as I meant. Secondly, it gave me the opportunity to think of a number of different examples for competency-based questions and get feedback on which were the best. Most importantly, it really gave me a chance to analyse why I wanted the job. By the time I got to the interview I was flying slightly on adrenaline and felt very confident that I really wanted the role. I was able to articulate that and prove to the panel that I had the right experience and motivation in a way that I would not have been able to without the rehearsal. I was delighted to get the job which was at the right level and suitably challenging for this stage of my career.”

Theresa has secured a role which matches her impressive skillset.