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How is Brexit impacting executive recruitment services?

The impacts of Brexit on the broader recruitment industry were evident before the nation voted to leave the EU on 23 June. How the decision will affect executive recruitment services in the long term remains to be seen.

The Brexit effect

A recruitment slowdown

The uncertainty that the referendum presented has led to caution in many areas of business. Recruitment seems to have been particularly affected. Businesses put a freeze on new hires, with some even delaying rehiring in order to see what the outcome would be. Businesses that rely on trading with the EU and beyond have delayed investment and expansion plans while the long term implications are unclear.

Since the vote the situation has changed little. The lack of clarity over when (or even if) Article 50 will be triggered has made longer term planning difficult.

Caution among jobseekers

The reaction of job seekers to the decision is not yet obvious. The volatility of markets and the resulting impacts on personal finances may well lead jobseekers to be cautious. As a result candidates may be more inclined to play it safe and stay in their existing roles.

Evidence does seem to suggest that EU nationals are being put off applying for roles in the UK as their long-term future is unclear. This reduction in the pool of candidates for executive level positions could have a long term impact on businesses and the wider economy.

Executive recruitment services can help you to weather the storm

While it's clear that the number of vacancies to be filled has reduced, the role of specialist executive recruitment may become increasingly important. Getting the right hire can bring great benefits during normal circumstances. During times of extra pressure, it becomes crucial.

At Thewlis Graham Associates we take great pride in our bespoke approach to executive recruitment. We take the time to get to know your business and understand the needs of the role. Honesty and fairness is central to our dealings with candidates. We represent your organisation and the role accurately, ensuring we find the right candidate for you.

Our consultancy can help you to decide whether now is the right time for you to recruit. If you do, our expert executive recruitment services ensure that you get the right person for the role.

30 years of experience in executive recruitment services

The changes, challenges and opportunities presented by Brexit are unprecedented. However, with 30 years' experience in executive recruitment services, Thewlis Graham are well placed to help you with your recruitment needs throughout this period of uncertainty. We've got deep knowledge of the market and understand your sector. This means we're confident that we can continue to deliver high quality executive recruitment services, whatever the future holds. We've helped businesses to hire effectively throughout the booms and busts of the last 30 years and look forward to supporting you with your next executive recruitment challenge.

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