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The first job of a senior communications professional

The first job of a senior communications professional

1. A strong mix

What’s your target market? The chances are that it doesn’t comprise people of exactly the same sex, ages, and backgrounds, so why should your communications team be the same? A mix of people with a mix of skill sets will help to generate fresh, varied perspectives and help to drive creativity and innovation within your team.

2. Breadth of skills

While your team members may have a deep understanding of a particular communications discipline, they should also be open to learning other skills too. It’s rare these days to find a standalone specialism that doesn’t cross over with another. Internal communications will incorporate a social media facet. PR works well with an understanding of SEO. Ensure you have a few enthusiastic team members who want to develop a breadth of skills – skills that may land them senior communications jobs of their own in the future. 

3. Strategic thinking

PR and Communications teams are often in danger of becoming purely reactive: a service department that responds to orders by senior management or other departments, pumping out press releases or design work when requested. A team that is given the freedom to think strategically, and integrate tactics within a long-term overarching business plan will help your company reap benefits. 

4. Measuring success

Those in senior communications jobs know that a good communications team will not only understand where their own expertise lies, but will strive to understand how your business works. A dash of acumen is vital to an effective team, who should understand that success isn’t just about promoting visibility, but about being able to measure impact and metrics too. 

5. Networking

A great communications team shouldn’t simply be working effectively together in their silo, but instead should be able to forge relationships with other departments and functions in the organisation. True value is added when a team becomes a form of communications consultancy, lending expertise to help other departments to reach their own targets.

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