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Our principles when recruiting for executive travel jobs

Our principles when recruiting for executive travel jobs

The travel industry is huge and jobs roles are diverse, sometimes making it difficult to find suitable candidates for executive roles. At Thewlis Graham we can take all the pressure off by finding you suitable candidates that we have carefully selected with the knowledge gained from our consultancy with yourselves. We’ve worked in the travel executive search industry for 20 years and are whole-heartedly committed to finding the best candidates for our clients’ roles.

Investing time in our clients helps us to get to know their organisations and develop a relationship with them. We always say that our aim is to know who’s calling us without hearing their name. Getting to know our clients in such a way is the only way we are truly able to make informed recommendations.

Assessing the culture of your organisation

Not only do we want to get to know you well, we feel it’s important to get a real understanding of the culture of your organisation. Assessing the behaviours of your business and getting to know how others work within your organisation allows us to only put forward candidates that we think will prosper in the company. Communicating your organisation’s culture to potential candidates helps them to well informed before meeting you for interviews.

Continued communication for higher success rate

At Thewlis Graham we pay particular attention to maintaining communication with our clients and candidates once their roles are secured. Following up with how things are going and making sure that your chosen candidate has succeeded in establishing themselves within the company. This helps to ensure a long-lasting relationship.

Keeping costs down

Our consultancy period with our clients is the most important factor in reducing the risk of employing the wrong candidate. There’s nothing worse than agreeing on a candidate to have them leave 12 months later. The costs associated can be huge, especially for C-level and directorial roles. Our travel executive search process means the candidates are more than likely going to stick with the role bringing you a much larger return on investment.

If you are in the travel industry and have an executive role that needs filling please get in touch to have an informal chat about your needs. We will work with your best interests at heart to bring you candidates that will not only fill an empty seat but thrive within your organisation.