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Removing the risk from senior executive recruitment

Removing the risk from senior executive recruitment

How can I trust that a recruiter has my best interests at heart?

Executive recruiters deal with many clients and candidates each year, and so it could be a worry that the service you receive may be impersonal, or money-driven, rather than results-driven. 

However a good executive recruiter will be a true specialist in their sector. They will understand that a bad placement will lead to a loss of reputation, so they will expend their resources into truly getting to know clients and candidates, ensuring they are promoting someone who will genuinely be an excellent fit.

What if a candidate secures a role, but the ‘fit’ is wrong?

A candidate could be put forward for a role, pass interviews by the Board with flying colours, serve out their notice, but then find out that their new dream job is actually a nightmare.

This is why effective executive recruitment will ensure that a candidate shortlist is compiled from a properly-structured process informed by the recruiter’s extensive experience in the industry.

They will also be careful to completely research and understand not just the role being offered, but the background, culture and even the political environment of the company. 

If a candidate doesn’t secure a position, will the process have been a waste of time?

Specialists in executive recruitment should have strong personal networks and connections based on prior success that has helped them to forge a good reputation. This adds real value to the recruitment process. Recruiters have unparalleled access to hiring teams in companies, and the privilege of being able to put their candidates’ names straight onto the desks of the decision-makers. It’s true that one door may not open, but if a candidate has solid expertise and experience, another door will.

Additionally, it’s an executive recruiter’s job to get candidates hired – so candidates and clients are free to focus on other commitments, knowing that executive recruitment will never be a waste of their time.

If you’re looking for the right role, or the right candidate, always be sure to use a trusted and experienced executive recruitment organisation to be certain of risk-free recruitment.

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