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Recruiting for non-executive directors

Recruiting for non-executive directors

Your new year’s resolution in executive search

Is your organisation in need of an objective advisor to help drive your core goals? A non-executive director can attend board meetings and advise on a range of sensitive subjects with a broad perspective.

Bringing a non-executive director (NED) to the board will ensure that there’s someone fighting for the company’s best interests at all times. Non-executive directors aren’t involved in the day to days of a business but rather the policy making and planning decisions.

The difference between them and executive directors is the lack of conflict a non-exec will hold. Hiring a non-executive director will provide you with someone that is able to independently assess internal and external factors that may be affecting your business; positively or negatively.

What could a non-executive director offer your business?

A non-executive director is likely to be well-regarded, connected and respected. Their experience and advice will be hugely beneficial to your organisation.

According to the Higg’s Review, a review on the role and effectiveness of non-executive directors, NEDs have responsibilities in strategy, people, performance and risk. Their role is to constructively assess and challenge your organisations development in these categories. They should also contribute ideas and solutions to help work towards your organisations ongoing goals.

If your organisation is struggling to achieve its goals, some objective advice could prove to be very useful. Having support available to continually drive your growth and meet your goals can give your organisation the external contributions that it’s been missing.

If you have made the decision to hire a non-executive director, that’s where we can help. We have a broad network of contacts at Thewlis Graham Associates and have placed top candidates in non-executive director roles.

Please get in touch on +44 (0)20 7850 4781 to discuss your requirements and arrange a time to meet with us about your executive search needs. We’ll work with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality to find someone that fits well within your organisation.