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Recruiting high-quality panellists and other part-time roles for regulatory bodies

A Thewlis Graham executive search can help regulatory bodies to secure panellists who have the sharp judgment needed for this high-pressured role, while demonstrating the commitment needed to succeed in such an environment.

Vacancies for panellists and assessors – registrant or lay person - positions within regulatory bodies tend to attract a high number of applications. These positions often come with a certain degree of flexibility due to their part-time nature, and recruiters must be able to filter through candidates to identify those who are the right fit.

There’s no single perfect profile for a registrant or lay person. Experience may be wide-ranging and varied. However what is vital is that candidates aiming to excel as a panellist are able to display an impressive breadth of relevant knowledge and experience.

Panellists will regularly oversee procedures to determine when professionals are fit to practise, they must be able to display shrewd judgement, a meticulous eye for detail, and a high degree of resilience and tenacity. They should be comfortable being held to account when tackling reported instances of malpractice, work well within a team focused on achieving the fairest outcome possible, and be sure in their decisions.

It’s a challenging role which many applicants just may not be cut out for, and that’s where a Thewlis Graham executive search can provide an invaluable service and guidance.

Our Executive Search Service

Thewlis Graham carry out a robust screening process to ensure that vacancies are filled by the right people. We offer years of expertise working across a number of sectors, so are well-placed to work alongside regulatory bodies operating in sectors including finance, education and healthcare. We work fully in-step with all our clients to build a complete, detailed picture of the operational needs and working culture associated with any appointment.

Thewlis Graham has a vast network of satisfied clients and candidates, and has built strong working relationships through integrity, trust and success. We work to the utmost degree of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality.