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Finding you the right staff for senior communications jobs

With organisations coming under greater public scrutiny, facing calls for increasing transparency, and reacting to a greater level of consumer-led power, senior communications jobs are evolving and diversifying in order to exceed expectations and drive forward success.

Communications used to be viewed by many organisations as a subdivision of the marketing function. However as media and technology influences the way we work, communications is now a mission-critical element of a successful company, often with a well-deserved place at the board table, serving in a necessary advisory capacity for the CEO.

A strategic role

A generalist communications approach is becoming less relevant as the need for specialist expertise is becoming ever-more apparent. Stakeholder and public scrutiny demand savvy public relations executives. Media and social media management influence public perception; with enough agility and adaptability, senior leaders can use it to respond to criticism, questioning, current events, and can even mobilise consumer support.

Also, reputation is a valuable currency, and corporate responsibility (CR) expertise plays a huge role in determining, shaping and improving the social and environmental impact of an organisation.

Meanwhile, senior communications jobs aren’t simply about engaging an external audience. Internal employee engagement is now recognised as a significant driver in the health and success of an organisation. Staff who feel respected, consulted and inspired are more likely to live and breathe a company’s mission and values, and will in turn, boost productivity, embrace collaboration, help protect reputation, and reduce turnover costs.

Fundamentally, senior communications professionals should play a strategic, proactive role within a workforce, and must be equally comfortable creating, influencing and learning from dialogue with consumers, stakeholders, staff and partners. The right candidates don’t just have the ‘soft’ skills that form part of a communications leadership role such as creativity, empathy and diplomacy, but also demonstrate technical ability, analytical skills, and business acumen.

Our service

Thewlis Graham has extensive experience in placing exemplary communications professionals in demanding and exciting roles. Examples of positions we have filled in the past include a Manager for Government Affairs, and Manager for Regulatory Communications for a blue-chip FMCG multinational headquartered in Switzerland. We've also placed Directorate roles in Communications for the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and the General Dental Council.

We work across a number of sectors including retail, FMCG, pharma, logistics, manufacturing, professional bodies, charities and more. We work closely with our clients to build a clear picture of communications needs, and give guidance where we feel we can exceed expectations.

With a vast network of satisfied clients and candidates, and relationships cultivated through integrity, trust and success, we conduct Executive Searches that don’t just fill gaps, but enable candidates with genuine talent to demonstrate their potential and bring extraordinary vision and leadership to senior communications jobs.