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Not-for-profit executive search. Seeking talented individuals in the not-for-profit sector

Despite typically having charitable or philanthropic aims, not-for-profits can be hugely challenging environments. Executives in this competitive sector need as much business acumen, tenacity and experience as anywhere else. An executive search with Thewlis Graham can help to procure the leadership and vision that these organisations demand.

Core to any executive role in a not-for-profit is a deep underlying passion for the cause. However the not-for-profit world is transforming fast, and competition for funds and awareness is leading organisations to a realisation that they must ‘think’ more like a business.

This means that executives searching for not-for-profit positions must be able to demonstrate the integrity, specialist experience and vision that would be found in any other sector. They will understand that accountability is just as important as it would be in the private sector – more so, in fact – when it involves the use of public funding and donations.

The general public demand a greater degree of transparency from the membership associations and charities they support, and expect to be able to interact in a number of ways, so a digital presence is also essential. Executives should consequently be well-versed in technological opportunities and reputational risk, as well as charity law. On top of all these qualities, they must be able to keep staff engaged and inspired.

Our Not-for-Profit Executive Search Service

Thewlis Graham can help to place CEOs, board members and trustees in not-for-profits, including regional and international NGOs, small-scale charities, foundations and trusts.

We work closely with each client to understand exactly what is required for each appointment, and aren’t afraid to use our expertise to challenge expectations. We also seek to gain a clear picture of the unique environment, dynamics and culture of every organisation we work with.

We always source references, and conduct careful cross-checking to ensure a candidate’s motivations match the needs of your vacancy. We also provide a high level of aftercare for both successful and unsuccessful candidates. Over two-thirds of our assignments derive from existing clients or recommendations.