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Searching for exceptional candidates for senior positions in professional bodies

Not-for-profit professional bodies face high expectations to promote excellence within their field, so when recruiting for senior positions, an executive search is ideal for uncovering a truly superb candidate.

Professional membership bodiesĀ are respected and trusted by thousands of stakeholders within a range of sectors, to help to promote their interests and oversee legitimate practice. Many professional bodies also have a responsibility to develop the education and certification of members and ensure they are sufficiently qualified.

Consequently, professional associations include not only those who act within their scope, but also the public at large who rely on such organisations to adhere to best practice, establish and promote high standards, and work towards the public good.

Those who pursue a career in professional bodies must be able to display resilience and confidence. They could be expected to face high levels of scrutiny, be accountable for the decisions they make, and generally represent the expertise of their profession to government bodies. But they must also be passionate about the sector they aim to publically represent, and demonstrate extensive, related specialist experience.

Our Executive Search Service

Thewlis Graham are highly-experienced in searching for exceptional candidates for senior positions in professional associations such as CEO, HR, finance, policy, communication and more. We have a vast network of satisfied clients and candidates, and have built up strong working relationships through integrity, trust and success.

We are comfortable and experienced in working across all sectors, from education, to law, medical andĀ social care.

An Executive Search with Thewlis Graham will help to identify fantastic candidates, who can excel within the high-pressured environment of a professional association.