From rags to riches... by Bailey the ex feral cat

Hi, I’m Bailey.

I was born in late springtime, one of many sons and daughters to a feral cat.  We all lived on a farm in the country, under a pile of old pallets on the farm, not especially warm or anything, but sheltered from the elements and protected by mum of course. Our meals were delivered al fresco and so suffered depletion from other hungry diners, bad weather and theft.  Our days were filled with play, sleep, eat, repeat, but mostly just trying to keep warm.  I guess I was a little weird looking to outsiders at this time of my life, I had rather larger than average ears and a rather smaller than average grey and white fluffy frame, but I knew I was cute.

One day everything changed.  I was picked up by a human, put in some warm water, yuck, I have to admit I was pretty dirty, and I had some little black jumping guests that needed to go apparently!? Then I was given some food all to myself in a cute little bowl! I was given my very own shelter with a lovely soft blanket inside to snuggle up to and a little green mouse look-a-like that was quite interesting when you threw it up in the air.  My life had a new beginning, it was changing rapidly, new experiences were coming one after another thick and fast, but I felt safe, the humans were kind and I felt really special.

What else was to come…

Come back to find out how Bailey is doing now!



From rags to riches... by Bailey the ex feral cat