Covid-19 Special Working from home - 5 top tips

5 Top Tips for Remote Working


At Thewlis Graham Associates we have been remote working for over two years, and these are our top tips.

  • Try to have a dedicated space in which you work - not always easy if you share a space with other people but definitely worth a go.
  • Have some structure to your day, at least a start time and end time - it’s better than finding that you start “late” and so work on late. Routines are good.
  • Build into your diary regular catchups with team members.
  • Take breaks from the computer screen and the phone and reset your eyes and neck every so often.
  • Try not to cram your diary so full that there is no space for thinking or for down time. 


What are your top tips? Share with us and we will share with our network.


Stay safe, keep in touch.

Sarah Thewlis

Thewlis Graham Associates

Covid-19 Special Working from home - 5 top tips