Leadership, curiosity and cats - by Truron - now officially a cat!

Leadership, curiosity and cats

My half-brother Exon: mentioned me when he wrote about well-being back in February. We each have since celebrated our birthday and are now officially cats rather than mere kittens. It falls to me this month to share my thoughts on curiosity and on leadership, both of which are intertwined and both of which are of course supreme attributes of the feline. I therefore heartily approve of this topic, and I give you five things to consider.



  1. Be curious and do not take matters at face value: I have made it very clear that I have the right to enter any cupboard or to explore any box.


  1. Be curious and therefore ask the question why: humans manifest irritation at our wish to perform a final patrol in the garden, but one simply never knows what one might find there.


  1. Be curious as a preliminary to making good decisions: my maturer self knows better than to fall into the infantile trap of “confirmation bias”— decisions must be soundly based on present evidence as well as upon past experience.


  1. Be curious and try out new things: my half-brother has always been so good at tree climbing that for a long time I thought I need not bother. Just recently, however, and to our male servant’s horror, I’ve started to develop my own expertise. Covid 19, too, is making bipeds discover new ways of working and explore new areas of creative risk. It need not happen all at once —he still has not cut the lawn and she has not mended the garage door— but obvious change is happening.


  1. Be curious, and think What if and How about that? Because my own legs are sturdy rather than over-long (as are my half-brother’s), I contrive my way through the fence rather than over The current climate calls for similar lateral thinking. 




I trust you will find this useful.  The female servant has observed, “In the current climate we can either lead through a sense of fear of the unknown, or we can use it as an opportunity for growth. Well-grounded curiosity will support the latter.”

Frankly, I don’t understand all of what she says (or, frankly, pay attention to it), but then I am a cat and I am only two.




Leadership, curiosity and cats - by Truron - now officially a cat!