Well-Being - by Exon - senior kitten blogger


My half-sister and I have been “volunteered” for this occasional blog. We are far from condoning this sort of high-handedness, but as you will see we have have agreed to help out.


I am Exon: and Truron is my half-sister. We are senior kittens, tabbies and we live out in the country. Our older and wilder cousin Giles has refused to take part in the blog (he may change his mind — She foolishly asked him when he was in one of his frequent Bad Moods) but in our usual familial spirit we add his photo so you can see just how handsome he is.


I approve of the topic of well-being. We know a great deal about it. We give five useful rules for success in this endeavour. We are sure you will like the photographs.

  1. Choose good staff. We are fairly satisfied with ours. He is kind to us when She is away, and when She comes back she is very chatty, which I particularly like. Our advice is therefore to find colleagues you enjoy spending time with, listening to and talking to.
  2. Find interesting things to do. The concept of work is naturally opaque to us, but She seems to enjoy gardening and cooking, and He always has his nose in a book or two feet (paws?) from a computer screen. They are very welcoming to visitors, whom we always find interesting. It’s important to strike a balance.
  3. Get enough sleep. We are extremely good at that. We do it whenever and wherever we can, by day and especially by night. We recommend what humans call cat naps. They are most sustaining. We notice that He has discovered that to an almost feline extent.
  4. Don’t eat rubbish. We enjoy meat and fish. We walk away from most things that are not suitable, but we are by no means averse to sampling what is new. Predecessors have enjoyed mushrooms, carnations, marzipan and dried grass. We observe that, because He no longer enjoys vegetables, She spends a lot of time hiding them in salads and recipe dishes. It seems to work.
  5. Try new things. Becoming stale is fatally easy. Trying out novelties, even tiny ones, brings freshness into one’s outlook and renews one’s energies. We are truly excellent at this too, and we have a number of new endeavours in progress. I am working on making contact with the birds that visit the garden. This has not been as successful as I would hope, but I am resolved to carry on. My sister practises concealment and is already most proficient. With the help of Giles, we have a long-term project to remodel the back of the sofa. The staff don’t seem very pleased with this project, but after all, omelettes involve the breaking of eggs.

I know you will find these rules helpful. I close with a fine proverb: God made cats so that man could stroke the tiger.



Well-Being - by Exon - senior kitten blogger