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Making the most of things… by Sydney and Marmite… cats that tolerate Ollie the therapy dog

We were here before him! We would just like to start with that, and we certainly let this sentiment show in our dissatisfaction at times. I am Sydney – 6 years old, marmalade tabby, small, cute (so I am called) and terrified of everything and my half-brother is Marmite – 10 years old, black and white, huge and not scared of anything; he does look after me.

For 3 years (for me – 10 for Marmite) we had peace: beds to sleep on, food on tap and on the floor! Cuddles on the sofa, freedom of passage and then HE came. 3 years ago, this tiny ball of barking annoyance… we tolerated him for a while, Marmite more than me I hasten to add and actually Marmite quite likes him now, although he does love to shout! But the saving grace was once or twice a week our human would take him to ‘doggy day care’ for the whole wonderful day and we would get our space back! Also, at night she shuts him in her room, so although we can’t sleep with her anymore, we do get the run of the house and other beds to sleep in.

Then 2 months ago something happened. They talk of ‘lock down’ and ‘quarantine’ but all we know is HE IS HERE THE WHOLE TIME! So no peace, no food on the floor, no sofa to sleep on or bed to shake our fur out on, well for Marmite he doesn’t care and just sleeps where he wants to but for me, my human has made me a lovely space outside with cushions and shelter so I feel safe and warm, and she brings my food out to have a cuddle there. And she shouts at HIM to go away and leave her alone with me… and for a little bit it’s just lovely!

All the humans in the house seem quite sad right now, it’s a much quieter house than normal, no little humans coming around to chase me or feed me bits of sausage and they are here the whole time? I give them all extra cuddles as I think they need it. There have been some tears from the younger human who misses his girlfriend (I think she is called Amber) so I give him extra hugs and mouth saliva shakes at night.

Even HE seems more subdued right now, doesn’t seem as perky or bouncy and sleeps a lot.

Marmite and I have been talking and we feel as the cats of the house we need to up our game to give out our hugs (and fur) more often so right now I am sitting at the window looking at my human and giving my best ‘pet me’ look.

Although we don’t get the run of the house as much just now, we do wish things were back to what they were before, so everyone smiled a bit more. For now, we are just going to make the most of things and do what we do best: love and cuddles.

Sydney and Marmite


Making the most of things… by Sydney and Marmite… cats that tolerate Ollie the therapy dog